Chin treatment

Strawberry chin


The movement of the mentalis muscle of the chin may occasionally give the skin this unwelcome appearance, reminding of an orange peel or of the surface of a strawberry. In very pronounced cases it is also often compared to a cobblestone relief.


In most cases, Botox® will suffice to sufficiently straighten the fine lines, but in severe cases the additional injection of fillers is advisable as Botox® alone might impact the facial expression and make it impossible to inject the lips.


However, a good result from Botox® only requires the patient to be patient.


Mental crease


This region is located between the lips and the chin, and a mental crease is frequently seen in connection with the above-mentioned strawberry chin.

The mental crease is either a distinct, deep groove or consists of a number of smaller, often irregular lines. Already in its mild form, this crease can greatly impact a person’s overall appearance.


A combined treatment with Botox® and fillers promises truly satisfactory results.

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