Blepharoplasty and Eyebrow lift

Crow’s feet


With age, skin and connective tissue are getting thinner, creating a multitude of fine lines.


The so-called “crow’s feet wrinkles” are lesser distinct lines at the corners of the eyes which have formed from these fine lines. They respond very well to Botox® treatment. If the wrinkles are more pronounced – which is easily possible at a higher age – fillers can be used in addition.


Usually, 3-6 injections are required. Eye wrinkles are the first indicators of ageing in a face. The laugh lines develop from the age of 25 and can become very deep and long.


Eyelid folds


Eyelid folds run parallel or in an arc shape to the lower eyelid and usually are quite distinct due to the very thin skin of the eyelids; here, it is therefore useful to support the effects of a Botox® treatment by also using dermal fillers.


In most cases, fine lines appear in this region as early as around the age of 20 - and this is the reason why many young ladies already start using moisturizing creams in this part of their face.


However, this can only balance the loss of moisture, collagen and hyaluron in part and, as time goes by, these lines slowly but surely become wrinkles.


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