Forehead job

Glabella folds


The often quite pronounced vertical folds between the eyebrows are also called “frown lines” as they tend to give the person an unfriendly, older appearance.


For optimum treatment results, dermal fillers should be used in addition to Botox® in this region of the body if necessary. However, 4-6 Botox injections in the region of the visible muscle bulges will usually suffice. The treatment can also be used for the horizontal crease at the root of the nose.


Frown lines are often caused by a focused gaze during professional activity, in particular in professions that are very demanding on the eye, e.g. dentists or people working with computers every day; they tend to develop these distinct lines.


Horizontal lines on the forehead


Horizontal lines along the forehead become more and more distinct with age.
This is why this area of the face is among the parts that are most frequently treated by Botox® as the face is a good indicator of a person’s actual age.


In addition to the natural ageing process, this region shows particularly clearly the long-term damages of intensive sunbathing, which often cannot be avoided, even with the best preventive care.


Helpful preventive measures are to avoid excessive sun exposure and frowning and to use a good skin care.

The region can be easily treated by 4 to 6 horizontally aligned injections in the mid-forehead.


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